Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Siblings Without Rivalry -- At least for the moment {New Braunfels Photography}

New Braunfels family and children photography at the Japanese Tea Gardens in San AntonioI had the honor of shooting the most adorable pair of siblings yesterday. At first when I learned I'd be shooting the duo -- for a surprise Mother's Day gift, but I don't think their mom is a regular blog follower so I feel safe in mentioning it here -- I was expecting the typical sibling rivalry.

Most siblings I shoot get along for the most part. They tend to like each other mostly, and only slug or pinch each other some of the time. I always hesitate a bit when I get to the part where I ask them to hug each other or hold hands. Sometimes I'm met with a glare. Sometimes an "are you kidding me?" But yesterday was a rarity. They held hands like best friends. I asked them to dance together for a bit and they had a blast. They hugged, they walked hand-in-hand on demand, they were polite to each other and enjoyed each other. A brother and sister who actually liked each other. Wow!

I asked their dad if what I was seeing was for real, "So they really like each other?" He said, "Today."

That renewed my faith in my own kids. Whew. I returned home to the sounds of squabbling children. My boy was swinging his plastic bat that looks like a big carrot -- Easter bunny surprise -- and his older sister was quick to greet me at the door to tell me all about how he swung it in the air and it missed her by just two inches. "Two inches," she said. "I could have been smacked!"

I grew up with a brother and a sister as well. We got along okay, too. Sometimes. When they weren't annoying me. Today my sister wears burnt orange while I wear maroon. But that's okay. She's pretty good company at a concert. My brother is pretty cool too. I remember some nasty quarrels of our own when we were kids. I sometimes think the squabbles I endure from my own children are payback in some kind of cosmic bad joke. Who knows. But I'm enjoying sharing the story of the siblings who were nice to each other with my kids. It gives me something to hope for.

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