Sunday, April 3, 2011

If only real life were like life on a cruise ship {New Braunfels Photographer}

Carnival Conquest cruise ship, photo by Lisa On Location PhotographyWell the pile of laundry that threatened to overtake my house has finally been tamed. A week away from home and it's amazing to me how many clothes we go through -- without the luxury of clean laundry whenever we need it. We were slowed down briefly by a dryer that refused to dry because a bird had flown into the air intake and decided to die and clog it up. The darling thing has been laid to rest and our dryer is on the mend. Oh joy, laundry at my beck and call.

Carnival Conquest cruise ship corridor, photo by Lisa On Location PhotographyIf only I could move into the Carnival Conquest permanently. No dishes to do, no cooking, no toilet scrubbing, no bed making, I need only think "gee it would be nice to have a glass of wine" and a friendly man with a tray would appear and magically bring me a glass -- for a small fee, of course.

My son enjoyed our little cruise so much he told me he wants to live on the boat as well. This was our second cruise with Carnival and it's not hard to see why they call themselves the "Fun Ships." Every waking minute was filled with some sort of activity. There was mini golf, a spa, a movie theater, games for the kids, pools, contests and stage shows. And if none of that piques your interest there's always the opportunity to hang out in the bar and watch drunk people make fools of themselves. I found my fellow guests more amusing than the stage shows.

My first day on board I dropped each child off with their respective age-centered activity and hit the hot tub. I had a hard time sitting still at first. Jayme asked me why I was fidgeting. "I don't know what to do," I said.

Carnival Conquest cruise ship deck sunset, photo by Lisa On Location Photography"It's a hot tub," he told me. "You don't do anything but sit here." This was foreign territory to me. I have three children and a home business and I know you remember my blog about my nasty volunteering addiction. I didn't know how to sit there and not do anything.

But I'm a fast learner. I did indeed fill many of those moments on board with activities. I made friends with the ship photographers and wowed them with my fancy gear, I shot every nook and cranny of that big boat, I went to a few of the shows, saw some guys compete in a hairy chest contest, ate myself to insanity thanks to their sinfully good warm chocolate melting cake, and nearly peed my pants at the adults only comedy shows. But in the end I became an expert at doing absolutely nothing. It's really pretty simple. I can't believe I've been missing out on it all these years.

Carnival Conquest cruise ship Lido deck cocktails, photo by Lisa On Location Photography

Carnival Conquest cruise ship towel animal monkey, photo by Lisa On Location Photography
Lisa On Location Photography

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