Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Imaging USA Recap: {New Braunfels Photography}

What do you do when your brain is so full of ideas that they're overflowing your head and coming out your pores!? You don't get much sleep, that's one thing.

Today is a return to normalcy for me. I've been massively cramming information and ideas into my head for 6 straight days and it's starting to hurt my head a bit, but I'm really excited about it at the same time. I attended the annual PPA (the Professional Photographers of America) Imaging USA convention just down the road in San Antonio over the weekend.

I don't have any photos to share with you today, because I haven't touched my camera in a week. I didn't go the photography conference to take photos.

The first three days of the conference I attended special classes for CPP (certified professional photographer) candidates. Remember when I blogged about declaring my candidacy for that a few months ago? Okay, both of you who actually read my blog on a regular basis. So anyway, for three solid days I sat in a classroom and crammed an entire semesters worth of photography study into my brain. Most of it was review for me, but it was review that I needed if I had any hope of passing this highly technical exam. You see, photography is more than just pointing your camera as something and pushing a button. There's so much more at play there: angles of view, magnification, light ratios, apertures, shutter speed, composition, inverse square law, Bellows factors, the way the colors relate to each and create the images we see, etc etc. Not to mention the fact that I'm expected to know both the basics of film and print production as well as digital production. Geez!

So in order to cram all this information into my brain, some stuff had to go. How to do a load of laundry -- that was pushed out. How to fix myself lunch -- pushed out. How to sign a report card and send my child off to school with clean hair and teeth -- that got pushed out too. Thank God Jayme was able to take some time off work to play Mr. Mom for a few days.

So after that class I attended sessions about off camera lighting, studied, attended classes about marketing, studied, watched demos on posing, studied, saw presentations on wedding photography, family photography, infants and tiny baby photography, seniors, and glamour, and then I studied some more. I took the test on Tuesday. Don't ask me how I did. I think I passed. I won't know for at least a couple of months. But even if I didn't pass, there's so much more I gained from the past 6 days and I can always just take it again in a few months. No biggie. I'm done stressing about it.

Time to pick the camera up again and get back to what I really love to do.

I'm letting go of the stress in my head to make room once again for that laundry. And I gotta eat some time. My kids still have school projects they need help with, my daughter's birthday slumber party to plan, a few sessions on the calendar to put together as well as some weddings to book. And there's an awful smell coming from somewhere in the garage that I must track down and put a stop to. I got enough on my plate.

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