Monday, January 10, 2011

I confess. My name is Lisa and I am a kleptomaniac.

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I admit it. Every single wedding I shoot, I steal something. I am a person who according to Wikipedia has "an irresistible urge to steal items of trivial value." My only weakness: the little souvenirs engraved with the couple's name and wedding date. You've seen them when you attend weddings. They're keepsakes for the guests to take home and remember the special day.

I've snagged koozies, shot glasses, little bubble containers, little boxes of mints, keychains, napkins, pens. I have an impressive collection. Each one brings back memories of a special couple and a beautiful day.

My most recent addition is a koozie that says "To have and to hold and keep your drink cold." How adorable is that! That was from Erin and Clifton's wedding. Erin is the gorgeous and fun bride in the photo I'm sharing today. The koozies were so cute -- how could I not snag one for myself?

When I finally get my studio set up I'm thinking of getting a display cabinet to show off all my little treasures.

I think my favorite is the little key chain with the little tiny cowboy boot next to a little tiny clog. The couple was a Texas girl and a Dutchman. But then I also really love the shot glass that says "I got smashed at Laura and John's wedding."

Sometimes the souvenirs are edible. In that case I have to eat the chocolate, but save the wrapper. We wouldn't want it getting old and going to waste. I must preserve the integrity of my stash and prevent old icky candy from contaminating my koozies.

I must confess I feel a little silly sometimes -- being sneaky about snagging them. I would never take one if it appeared they would be short and not have enough for all the guests. But I'm considering writing it up in my contract. Line 5 section 3 "All clients must surrender a souvenir bubble bottle or its equivalent to photographer upon request."

Until then I'll continue my crime spree.

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