Monday, January 31, 2011

A Blog About Pee {New Braunfels Baby Photography}

Baby Matt
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Today I sat down to blog about the fun shoots I did this weekend. I had a blast with a 10-year-old girl on her way to stardom. I got some really cool pin-up style images of a beautiful lady in a chef's hat. Did some more Valentine's boudoir, and, finally, got some priceless images of a teeny tiny newborn boy -- see him in the photo above. Isn't he a gem!

So what will the topic of this blog be? Pee. You see, pee is a fact of life for baby photographers. Babies pee. A lot. And if you're lucky, that's all they do. I've never been particularly lucky, so I've had my share of baby poop as well. I shot one session a few months ago where I brought along three backdrops, some fun tulle to wrap baby in, some fluffy blankets and a beanbag. That baby boy systematically peed (and worse) on every single backdrop and prop I brought. I did a lot of laundry that night.

Baby Matt here was an exception. Oh no, he peed as well. But for the first time ever, he didn't get me! He got mom. He got dad. He got his brand new super soft baby blanket embroidered with "I Love Mom." He got diaper after diaper wet. But he didn't get me or my brand new shaggy rug or my brand new super soft brown blanket. Or my backdrop. He tooted once on my blanket as he lifted his eyelid at me and grimaced. A fair warning, I took it. He was showing me he had the power and I thanked him for his polite reminder. But not a drop of pee on my stuff! It was a pleasant surprise. There are typically a few givens I've learned to take when shooting newborns. 1: expect to spend a couple hours minimum because it takes time to get baby to sleep exactly where and when you want him, 2: have warm hands, and 3: expect to do lots of laundry afterward.

So thank you Baby Matt, for that pleasant surprise. And that'll do it for my blog about pee.

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