Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In Support of PPA

I just renewed my membership with the Professional Photographers of America the other day. It's something I insist on doing every year. It's not an option for me. I was curious so I did a search on their Find-a-Photographer site and was shocked to see that only 15 photographers in New Braunfels are listed as members of PPA. You do a Google search and you'll find dozens of photographers in New Braunfels -- yet only 15 are members of PPA. I can't understand why a photographer would operate without the protection and support of PPA.

I'm sure they'll be happy to know that even though they aren't a member, PPA is still supporting them with their efforts at protecting copyright and upholding copyright laws in Washington. Because of PPA, they have laws protecting their work and their rights, without paying their membership fees.

But PPA also provides valuable services to photographers who bother to pay those fees and join their organization -- like liability insurance and discounts on equipment. They have free webinars and training programs. They provide access to thousands of learning opportunities and mentor programs, business education and competitions.

These learning opportunities are extremely important to me. I feel like a sponge and am constantly trying to absorb knowledge and improve my skills. Every session is a learning experience for me and I can honestly look at my work from a year ago and say "I can do so much better than that now." And PPA plays a huge part in that.

I've only just tapped the surface of their programs. Every month I discover some wonderful new benefit that I never knew about and get excited all over again.

Right now PPA is gearing up for their annual national photography convention and I'm thrilled that it will be taking place in San Antonio in January. So I don't have to pay for airline tickets or a hotel! Yeah me!

The annual fees PPA charges are nothing compared to what a professional photographer gains. And what that photographer gains makes them a better photographer. Please look for that membership whenever you hire a photographer. It demonstrates that they're serious about photography and about providing you with quality images and service.

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