Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Party Time!

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I went to a super engagement party last weekend and had a blast with one of my favorite brides (probably because she's also my sweet cousin!).

You'll recognize this bride from my engagement gallery. She and her fiance were so great to work with. We just walked around downtown Austin and got really silly and tried a lot of new and different things for that session. I can't wait for this wedding -- beautiful bride, beautiful bridesmaids -- fun people. I'm so lucky to be their photographer. I'll be following them through the whole process, engagement, bridals, preparations, parties, this is what I love.

I'm also doing more work on that restaurant deal I told you about. It's going to be so exciting to walk into this place and see my work all over the walls! I'll let you know more about it -- including the name of the place -- when it's time for their grand opening!

I also just sold a piece to a high profile client so you should be seeing more of my work pasted all over town. It's an exciting time to be a photographer!

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