Friday, October 16, 2020

When Your Bridal Party Includes Your Horse of Honor {Horse weddings}

Amy and Patrick have had their wedding plans disrupted multiple times by the pandemic so they decided to have a non traditional ceremony and then throw a party later.

Their wedding was originally scheduled for April in Gruene but COVID threw a wrench into those plans. They moved it to October hoping the pandemic would be under control enough by then to have it in Gruene still. It wasn't. So instead they made the most of what they could do. They couldn't stand not being married any longer so they decided to have a low-key intimate wedding with their favorite people. And favorite horses. And favorite dogs.

They'll be celebrating with their bigger circle of friends and family next year in Gruene. But they're finally married!

And it's a wedding ceremony I won't soon forget. I've never seen a horse of honor or so many fun animals involved in the ceremony. It was perfect.

I can't wait for the celebration next year. This was certainly a great sneak peek at what that will be like!

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