Wednesday, September 25, 2019

When You Find an Amazing Vintage Wedding Gown in a Thrift Store, You Take it in the Pool {Texas Underwater Photographer}

I promised more peeks at some of the underwater sessions I photographed over the summer so here's the next beauty I want to tell you about. Miss Pat Phantasma is a model who specializes in alternative photo shoots. She had never done an underwater session before. The unique thing about Pati in the water is that she floats. She's extremely buoyant.

Over the years I've encountered people with many different degrees of buoyancy. It has a little bit to do with the shape or size of the person, and a lot to do with the lung capacity of a person. Some of my clients sink pretty easily, others have to work to get deep in the water. Pati was one of them.

I have weights that I can put around the waist or ankles of my clients, but that ends up being more work for me in post processing so I try to avoid it. In the end we were able to get some lovely images of Pati.

And she fit perfectly in this gorgeous hand made vintage wedding gown I found in a thrift store for $10. It's finds like this that excite me and I have other visions for this dress. I'm not done with it yet. Maybe Pati will join me in a spooky creekbed for a La Llorona shoot. Can't wait!

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