Friday, September 27, 2019

Pushing My Limits Under the Water {Texas Underwater Photography}

When I'm working under the water and the model or client tells me she'll do whatever I want, it forces me to think outside the box.

I wanted to start working with more props under water when I worked with Kelsey this summer.

Kelsey is a very intelligent girl and she loves history, she lettered in Latin in high school. She's studying astronomy in college. She's very talented and artistic so I wanted to draw from that in our underwater session.

We played around with some mythology and we also decided to try some unique urban concepts in our shoot.

Kelsey always does amazing under the water. She can relax her face and stare into the camera with such serene intensity that you'd never know she was in the water. Thanks so much, Kelsey, for helping me push the envelope a little further each time with our sessions.

Lisa On Location Photography

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