Thursday, March 9, 2017

Castle Avalon Hosts this Amazing Harry Potter Engagement Session {New Braunfels Engagement Photography}

First let's create the mood. Here's a little theme music to get you started before you read any further. Go ahead and click this in a new window before you continue. I'll wait.

Got it? Okay so we have the music, now let's set the location: Castle Avalon. The closest thing we have to Hogwarts in the New Braunfels area. They don't have staircases that change but there are some secret passages -- I've seen them. And there is plenty of gorgeous scenery for this Harry Potter themed shoot. Pam and Matt are so much fun. Their wedding is actually going to be Beauty and the Beast themed, which is perfect for the castle's ballroom. But they wanted to include their favorite book series in the festivities as well as their favorite movie.

That's where we are now. It was a dark and stormy morning at the castle. Perfect to set the mood.

Now for some magic.....

Stay tuned to this blog in October to see some of their amazing wedding.

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