Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's All in the Light {New Braunfels and San Antonio Wedding Photography}

A few days ago I blogged about the advantages of having a second photographer at a wedding. Today I'd like to elaborate on that by showing you some of the differences between shooting with natural light and using strobes or artificial light.

The reason I'm following up with the second shooter blog with this lighting issue is because I often have my second shooter follow me around and shoot with natural light the same thing that I'm shooting while using strobes and other lighting techniques.

You'll see that they can both be beautiful in their own way. One of them isn't more right than the other in cases like this. That's just another advantage of having a second photographer. I can create twice as many couple images in half the time by having her shoot around me.

Take these shots for example. I set my couple up against the sunset and aimed an off camera strobe at them. My second shooter set her camera up to use available light only and shot at a different angle. I ask my second to move around and get a variety of angles.

The one on the left was taken by me with off camera flash, the one on the right was taken by Laura, my favorite second, using just available light.

Do you see how with the strobe lit image we see more detail in the sky. It brought out those rich colors of the sunset. But the natural lit image is lovely as well, in a different way. Both have their merits and their charm.

Here's another example of that same couple at the same session.

I'm sure you can tell now which was lit with off camera strobes and which was shot with available light only.

We do this at every wedding we shoot together. My second, whether it's Laura or one of the other fine second shooters I use, tell me they enjoy their job "sniping." They let me do the posing and lighting and they can just wander around and catch the moments in a different way.

Here's another wedding with the same thing. Can you tell which ones Laura shot?

The difference is more subtle in the lighting in this next example because we had such an overcast sky this day. In my image here you can see the light hitting the bride's face and just a little color in the overcast sky.

The next image was shot by another favorite second, Priscilla Lopez. Notice how she also had a different angle making the same pose flattering in a different way. She was also using a longer lens and therefore had more compression in the background giving that soft bokeh. Her lighting was all natural.

I could give you all these images without a second photographer, but that would be more work for me and would take twice as long during a time when the bride and groom really want to be done with photos so they can join their family and friends at the reception. I'm blessed to have some of the best second shooters around to give my couples the best images they can have.

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