Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Study in Infrared Levatation {New Braunfels and San Antonio Infrared Photography}

This is the fourth in my series on infrared photography.

Jayme took on this series a couple of years ago to hone in on his infrared photography. He worked with several amazingly talented models who were able to sell the imagery of floating on air. My favorites of course are those that feature my own children. They were the cutest models of course and I intend to print those up on canvas and decorate my entryway in the near future.

Instead of trying to describe the steps he took to create these images I'll let Jayme tell you the steps he took:

To create the illusion of levitation, you need two things--a sturdy tripod and a ladder or stool. Set the camera up on the tripod, framing the scene. The place the ladder or stool(s) and pose the subject upon it. After double-checking focus, take the shot (I normally take several with the subject trying different poses to evoke floating, etc.). Once you are satisfied with the assortment of photos taken, remove the subject and ladder/stool from the scene. Without moving or adjusting the camera or tripod take additional photos of the now-empty scene. Once you've downloaded the images into the computer, use Photoshop or Gimp or whatever software you favor to layer a scene with the subject over one without. If the camera remained stationary, both images should overlap perfectly. At this point, use masking to paint over the stool/ladder to make it appear the subject is floating weightless. It takes a bit practice to get all the details right.

Infrared is simply an additional element to increase the surreal, otherworldly nature of the photo. The road less traveled and all that.
First of all here are the images that feature my children (actually I guess you could say "our" children say they are).

And these are the image Jayme created with volunteers. A special thanks to the models who were so patient with this project.

Lisa On Location Photography

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