Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rest in Peace Bud Dallmann {New Braunfels Photography}

One of my favorite past times as a mom has been watching my little girl swim. She's like a fish in the water and can move through it like a bird can fly. She has the most beautiful butterfly I've ever seen.

If you live in New Braunfels and love to swim, then you've met Bud Dallmann. He's been a prominent figure in the lives of thousands of swimmers to come through this town.

I learned this morning that Coach Bud Dallmann passed away last night at the age of 95. He had a long glorious life. I won't go into all his accomplishments here. I only knew him for about 6% of his life. But I've heard some amazing stories!

When my daughter started swimming with the Landa Park Dolphins I became the official photographer for the group and photographed thousands of images of swimmers and races and parents and coaches.

I often sat next to Bud at swim meets for a few minutes to take a break and he'd talk about his career as a photographer years ago when he was in the military. We'd talk about old cameras and old styles and I'd share with him my camera finds from antique stores. He was excited when I shared with him the Zeiss I found on Craigslist and then the Rolleicord. He used to shoot with a Rollei, he told me.

My daughter didn't swim this summer or last summer because of her job as a lifeguard, but she thought about returning to the team next year. I was excited to tell coach Bud about the possibility. But he hasn't been at the pool much this year. His health was failing. He was so active into his 90s, even swimming the first leg of the 50-mile relay a couple of years ago to celebrate the team's 50th year. But no man can live forever, even amazing men like Coach Bud.

We were so honored to have gotten to know this local legend before he passed away. Thank you Coach Bud for all the time and the dedication to swimming in New Braunfels. You will be missed.

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  1. Thanks for all the great photos!

  2. These are beautiful. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for posting. Bud influenced so many people, my four children included. He will not be forotten.

  4. I have known Bud most of my life .. threw my swimming career as an Aqua Brat then running the timing consule .. Him and my dad, Mack Umack, were like brothers. He will be missed, but his legend will live on in the hearts and souls of every swimmer that has swam in that pool. We love you!! Rest in Peace