Sunday, May 24, 2015

Barefoot Bride? Yes I'm all over that! {New Braunfels Wedding Photography}

When Heather showed up to her bridal session in bare feet, at first I thought she was missing something. Maybe she was carrying her shoes because they were uncomfortable? Nope, she tells me, she's going without.

I immediately thought about that beautiful wedding on the beach in the Dominican Republic that I got to shoot in my bare feet. And that bridal session in Grand Cayman. So shoes are optional for this wedding? I asked. She said sure but her mom frowned. I guess she's the only one who'll be going bare-footed. The wedding is at Boulder Springs, not the beach. It's happening right about now. Anyone want to take a bet on whether I'm bare-footed or not? I'll think about it. I mean if the bride is, shouldn't the photographer be able to choose too?

I'll tell you later whether I ditched my shoes. But for now, enjoy a few images from her bridal session back in April.

Lisa On Location Photography

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