Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Kids Behind the Mom Behind the Camera {New Braunfels Photography}

My kids are accustomed to having their photos taken. I'm pretty good about photographing their events and their stuff. But I'm bad about scheduling nice family sessions with them looking clean and put together and them touching each other and pretending to enjoy it. It's a chore. I understand what my clients are going through when they have to get themselves dressed in clean clothes and put on mascara and try to appear put together.

I took my kids to my mom's house last weekend to do just that in a pretty setting among the pine trees. It wasn't easy. Nobody wanted to do this. So I threatened and I bribed -- with a puppy.

It's not ours. The sweet puppy belongs to my mom, but it was just the enticement I needed to get them to agree to it. "We'll go to Nama's house to meet her new puppy!" I said in my excited voice. "And while we're there I'll snap a few photos of you kids looking pleasant and wearing clean clothes," I said in my much quieter "oh by the way" voice.

I managed to get a few of "The Boy" too if you can believe it. Most of his photos include silly faces and eyes closed on purpose. You should see the outtakes from this. But perseverance paid off -- and so did the threat of losing the XBox for the weekend.

So here they are, my darling children pretending to be loving siblings.

Lisa On Location Photography

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