Thursday, July 10, 2014

Welcome to the Land of Twilight: What I did on my summer vacation part 2

When it comes to summer vacation road trips, teenagers are not pleasant. But, being the brilliant mother that I am, I was able to placate our darling 15-year-old by making a side-trip to an area she could relate to --- the land of Forks, Washington. Also known as the rainiest place in the country, allowing sparkly vampires to hide their true selves from the ignorant humans with whom they share a high school.

Our first stop on our vampire tour was Port Angeles, where we stopped in at the book store and the little Italian restaurant nearby. Calista felt silly posing in front of these places, but it was obvious by the non-interest on the faces of the people around us that they were used to seeing giggling teenage girls taking photos in front of these otherwise run-of-the-mill locations.

If you're not familiar with the Twilight series then none of this blog post is making any sense to you. I would not be offended in the least if you stop reading right here and went about with your daily routine. Seriously, go about your business because it's about to get really geeky.

Are the non-fans gone? Good, so now we can talk more about these places without fear of judgement.

This little town is actually quite lovely and it's hard to believe they found places seedy enough for the rough characters who hang out here. It was seriously Norman Rockwell on a much more modern level if vampires and werewolves happened to exist.

We were going to eat at the Italian place, but they don't open for lunch, only dinner, so we pushed on to Forks. The drive between Port Angeles and Forks was actually pretty breathtaking and hard to believe that Edward could take the trip at such a fast speed. Not just because of all the switchbacks, but also because it's just so darn pretty.

We reached Forks and were starving so we pulled into a quirky little diner, Sully's, that got into the whole vampire thing by naming it's specials things like "Bella Burger" and "Twilight Punch." I pulled out my phone and found a nifty little map of all the locations for the book -- it was actually put out by their Chamber of Commerce, which I found hilarious.

We stopped at the high school and of course the welcome to the city sign.

We then made our way into the local drug store where the sign outside claims that "Bella gets her headache medicine." We paid more than we should have for sweatshirts and trinkets (and of course our traditional souvenir spoon) and then we headed out to La Push, home of the werewolves.

We decided to let Calista drive for a little bit to try out her brand new learner's permit, but that mistake only lasted a few minutes when we realized the road was quite winding and we were getting scared stiff with her lack of driving skills. With Jayme back in the driver's seat, we were able to enjoy the quick little drive and even found the border line for vampires along the way.

La Push looked pretty much like I expected. A poor reservation community on the edge of a gorgeously scenic beach.

Calista left her own little brand of vampire humor when she wrote "Team Edward" on the bathroom wall of a heavily grafittied outhouse. My little rebel. She knows she's team Jacob all the way.

Tomorrow we hit the Oregon coast line -- home of some of the most breathtaking views I've ever seen.

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