Monday, July 14, 2014

The Magical Call of the Redwoods: What I did on my summer vacation part 4

After a long strip of gorgeous beaches in Oregon, we were thrilled to enter the land of the giant redwoods. I remember being overwhelmed by these gentle giants as a child and I wasn't disappointed this time around either. It seemed like every corner we turned we happened upon tree after tree that was even larger than the last tree we saw, which we thought must be the biggest on the planet.

After spending so much time on the road, the kids were thrilled to be able to stop for a while and go on some walks through the forest. They loved the ancient feelings, the magical views and the banana slugs. Yes the banana slugs.

When I was a kid I fell in love with the banana slugs too. But I didn't pick them up and make friends with them the way Calista did. She called herself the queen of the banana slugs and she carried this one around on her arm for at least an hour. I had her put on a pretty dress to pose for some photos for me and she insisted the banana slug pose with her. Can you find the banana slug in each of these photos? Come on, pretend it's one of those Where's Waldo games from the 90s, only it's not waldo, it's a yellow and black slug.

I wish there was a redwood forest near my home because the photo ideas were limitless. I could shoot the mother of all engagement sessions or the most beautiful wedding on the planet under the canopy of these trees. It would be amazing.

It was a challenge to try to capture the sheer size of these trees.

We made a little side trip to a tourist trap known as the "Drive Through Tree." And it was most definitely a tourist trap. You pay $5 to get onto the property and then you drive a winding twisting road to this monster of a tree that has been carved out with enough space to drive through. Unless of course you have one of those monster SUVs, in which case you're S.O.L. Remember my complaint a few days ago about getting stuck with a car that was too small for our needs, well it paid off here in our ability to drive through this tree that's probably older than Jesus.

Calista refused to participate because she thinks it's wrong to exploit this tree in such a manner as to cut a hole in it for a violation like ramming your car though it's trunk. I agree in principle. I didn't drive through it either. I left that to Jayme while I stood aside to take the photo. Here they are right after driving through it. Notice Calista's defiant stance and pouty face. That's my girl.

We spent a couple of days in the top part of California surrounded by this majesty before heading into the city of San Francisco. I'll show you some of that tomorrow.

Lisa On Location Photography

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