Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lisa on Location has a Brand New Location

When I started this little adventure known as Lisa on Location 5 years ago I had no intention of opening a studio. "Who needs that kind of overhead?" I thought.

And I've done just fine without it for all these years. But I finally hit a point in my career where it just makes sense for me to have a home base. Pin-up is what really pushed it home for me. And so many boudoir clients would prefer to shoot their sessions away from home to surprise their guy. I needed a place that's fun and comfortable and retro to host these sexy, hot boudoir and these cheesy, fun sessions.

And that's exactly what I found in the Landmark building at 144 Landa Street in New Braunfels. The building itself is about a hundred years old so it's got retro down pat. I teamed up with an amazing lady to share space. You will recognize January, the owner and operator of Diamond Divas Burlesque studio as one of my frequent models. January can strike a pin-up pose like nobody else. She can also dance like nobody's business and she's an amazing teacher. January runs the section of the studio that hosts dance classes -- pole dancing, belly dancing, burlesque, yoga, hip-hop, you name it. They can do it. And while they're shaking their thing in their part, I'm shooting away in my part.

I'm posting a few photos of the studio space, but I still have some finishing touches to make. I'm excited unveil it to the community in full force next Thursday, December 12 with a grand opening Masquerade Ball. We'll have food, a ribbon cutting, a toast, a cash bar and tours. January will also be having demonstrations of some of the dance classes they've begun. The poles should be arriving any day!

I see great things to come for this location. I still photograph all over town and all over the state (and yes I'll still travel to Chicago and the Caribbean and beyond). I like to think of this location as just one of my many locations throughout the world. But this one has really cool furniture.

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  1. Congratulations Lisa! I took some classes from you a year or so ago and love your style. Happy 2014! Looks like you're off to a great start.