Monday, December 23, 2013

Because some traditions don't fall so easily...

Take a look at my mailbox the other day. What is that stacked on top of the Netflix DVD, filling our mailbox to the max? The family Christmas Card. It's a dying art. Every year I get fewer and fewer. And every year I spend more and more time thinking about, planning, and executing our family Christmas Card. It's like I want to do it just because fewer and fewer families are doing it. As a result, I've become sort of legendary in my family for my Christmas cards.

I didn't always put so much thought into it. I always had a letter that went along with it and I'm told they've been pretty cool letters. It's hard to not be amusing when I'm talking about my children. The adventures they create are better than fiction. But it's just the past few years that I've decided to make our Christmas card photos be more than the average family Christmas card photo.

A couple of years ago we had this amazing demonstration of our adventures.

You would not believe how many people ask how we could let him float away like that. And weren't we worried he'd get too high. Want to know a secret? He's not really floating away. We just got rid of the ladder he was sitting on.

Last year I got into the whole retro pin-up theme so I decided to create a typical 1950s family scene. I had to shop for the right clothes, find an old television and easy chair, and then photograph each little scene by itself on white screen. It was a major undertaking.

This year I drew inspiration from another famous family, with whom I must say I relate quite a bit -- The Griswalds. I fashioned it after the old European Vacation movie poster, which is actually a parody of other famous movie posters. We got quite silly again this year.

And in true Griswald fashion, I got a bit caught up in the season and failed to mail them all out in time. So if you're part of my family and you've been like Clark, sitting around waiting for this year's card much like he waited for the bonus that finally came in the form of a jelly of the month club membership, the wait is almost over. The cards are on their way.

Next year will hold more surprises. Maybe I'll don a mermaid tail and take the camera underwater. I've always wanted to sky dive and photograph the adventure. We'll just have to wait and see what the year has planned for us.

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