Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Latest Trend in Wedding Photography -- Bring Rover {New Braunfels Wedding Photography}

When I got married many years ago my family and friends laughed at me when I suggested I include my sweet kitty in my bridal or wedding photos. "Absolutely not," said my parents. It was just the latest in a long list of silly things that I wanted that society frowned up and I was told no. Don't get me started!

But today's brides have decided that anything goes. It's their big day, it's their bridal photo session. Why can't they bring their best friend and include him or her in their wedding or bridal photos. And they're right! I admit that I see dogs and horses brought along on more engagement sessions than bridals, but I have to say I really love them in bridals. Beautiful girl in long white dress with a slobbery animal. They won't let dirt or mud near them in that dress, but hand them slobbery puppy mess and all is right with the world.

I've gotten quite experienced with photographing animals the past few months while working with the Humane Society for their 2014 Pin-ups for Paws calendar, I'll blog about that later! So I don't blink an eye when a pristine bride in white pulls out a doggie treat and says "mind of I call over Spot for a few shots?"

The happy couple often jointly adopt some of these animals. They're becoming a family and that family includes their animals so why not include them in their photos.

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