Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Veranda in Castle Hills is officially open {San Antonio Wedding Photography}

When I was in the media I got a thrill out of being the first person to learn some great bit of news. I was present at some pretty big news events and loved being on the inside and getting the scoop -- and the great shots -- of history in the making. Even if that history was only important to my community. I got a little taste of that recently when I photographed a brand new venue for it's very first wedding. It was the beginning of a new adventure for the hold house in Castle Hills at 1746 Lockhill Selma.

The house itself was built in the 1920s and a lone turret in the lawn is what gave the community of Castle Hills it's name. It served as a private residence for many years and eventually became a restaurant. Today it has been totally renovated to provide glorious weddings and a gathering space for events.

They're hosting an open house from 6:30-9:30 tonight if you'd like to check it out. Or take a look at some of the images I captured that day. I look forward to many more magical nights at this beautiful home.

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