Monday, October 15, 2012

When You Make Photography a Priority on your Wedding Day, It Shows {New Braunfels Wedding Photography}

Usually, it seems, there are always challenges at every wedding. Just about every single wedding, there's something that comes up that tests my skills, or causes me to think quick on the spot. Whether that's rain, malfunctioning equipment, uncooperative grooms, a minister that prohibits photography, a too dark dance hall, an "Uncle Bob" photographer that insists on blocking my shots, sweltering summer heat, you name it, it's popped up.

Lisa on Location New Braunfels destination wedding photography
So imagine my surprise last weekend when everything fell into place perfectly for Holly and Kenneth's wedding, which I happened to shoot on my birthday. The weather was perfect. All my gear fell into my hands at exactly the right moment and performed exactly the way it was supposed to. Strobes fired when they were supposed to, and best of all, the bride and groom allowed plenty of time for photography and made it a top priority.

They made sure I had everything I needed, that I got the shots I wanted, that I had plenty of time for formal portraits.

That is exactly what it takes to get wedding photos that you'll want to frame and look at every day.

I sat down to edit Holly and Kenneth's photos today and I found myself in wonderful territory. I had too many good shots. Too many images that I wanted to display in my "Lisa's Favorites" gallery, which usually holds a couple of dozen images. I had to pick and choose between "lovely" and "lovelier", only to find "loveliest" a few shots down later.

Lisa on Location New Braunfels destination wedding photography
What did Holly and Kenny do right -- aside from hiring me ;-) Well they decided a while back that photography was important to them. They talked over their vision with me. They explained about getting burned with their engagement session taken by another photographer in a different town. They were nervous about trusting someone after that experience. But then again, it also taught them just how important good photography was. Getting stuck with bad photographs does a lot to teach a couple about quality photography.

I'm so glad you two decided to trust me with your special day. Congratulations, and enjoy your wedding photos!
Lisa on Location New Braunfels destination wedding photography
Lisa on Location New Braunfels destination wedding photography
Lisa On Location Photography

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