Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lisa on Location to the Rescue {New Braunfels Emergency Wedding Photography ;-)}

New Braunfels wedding photographer serving Austin, San Antonio and San MarcosIt was a dark and stormy afternoon.

Sounds corny, but it's true. It really was a dark and stormy afternoon just a few weeks ago when my phone rang. Dena called with an emergency. She'd taken her daughter, a beautiful June bride, to get her hair done, her make-up done and her nails done in preparation for her bridal session only to hear from their photographer that he wouldn't be shooting her session after all because it's raining. Never mind that it had been raining for most of the evening and all of the morning. It was literally a few minutes before the session was supposed to start.

They were frantic. "What are you doing right now? We love your work, can you possibly photograph my daughter, like soon, like now?"

I was a bit taken aback at first. I was enjoying a leisurely afternoon of editing a wedding from the weekend before and sipping on some cappuccino while enjoying my Pandora channels and listening to the rain.

New Braunfels wedding photographer serving Austin, San Antonio and San MarcosBut something about the tone of her voice touched me. She described to me their situation. I could just picture these lovely ladies. The bride all niced up with professional hair, make-up and nails. They were sitting in their car in the rain with their wedding dress packed in a bag in the back seat. The wedding day was just three weeks away and it was now or never. They'd taken the day off work just for the session and spent a small fortune on stylists.

Of course I was going to help them. How could I not?

I made a call to the Faust Hotel -- the perfect indoor location for a rainy day - and then a call to Jayme to get the kids after school, and then I was off.

We created some lovely images staying out of the rain in the Faust and were pleasantly surprised when the sun came out and dried up the sidewalks outside. We hit the gazebo in the center of the plaza and shot some more.

New Braunfels wedding photographer serving Austin, San Antonio and San Marcos It turned out to be an amazing session. Jessica, the bride, looked gorgeous. They were fun to work with, and willing to try anything I threw at them -- even getting silly on the luggage cart. Looking at the images from her session, most would never guess the stress that went on before it. They asked me if I was available to shoot the wedding as well -- they were considering replacing the photographer who stood them up. But, alas, I am booked at a wedding for another gorgeous bride on their day. I'm actually setting this blog to run at exactly the moment Jessica's wedding begins so her lucky husband to be can't see her in her gown before the wedding!

Good luck Jessica! I'm sure your day will be just lovely no matter what the weather (or anyone else for that matter) throws at you. With such an easy going personality, you'll be fine!

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