Friday, November 11, 2011

Why I Never Pray at Weddings {New Braunfels Wedding Photography}

Wedding at Boulder Springs by Lisa On Location photography of New BraunfelsI'm a praying girl, I'll admit it. I believe we make our own situations and God helps those who help themselves so I don't pray for everything under the sun. But I pray for my ability to handle everything under the sun that's thrown my way. I say my God-blesses and my thank-yous with The Boy every night: "Thank you God for not making me a zombie baby," "Thank you God for not letting vampires come into our house unless they're invited," "Thank you God for not letting Polka Dots the beagle eat my hamster that time he tried to bite through the cage." You get the idea.

But one time I never pray, is when the minister or priest at a wedding tells us to. When he or she says "let us pray" and all heads go down, my camera goes up.

I was shooting a wedding a few weeks ago that I wasn't hired to shoot by the bride or groom, but by the venue. It was spectacularly decorated so they wanted some nice images for their own gallery and an album to show their potential clients. I was happy to help them out and photographed the wedding as a spectator, staying out of the way of their hired photographer.

But I wanted to share the above image and tell you why I was able to capture this moment. I caught it because when the minister said "let us pray" and all heads went down (including the head of their hired photographer, who was a very nice lady and an excellent photographer as well) the groom gently kissed the shoulder of the bride, and she smiled. It was the most tender moment of that day, in my opinion. A moment that was totally private between the groom and bride. All eyes were closed in prayer so everyone missed it. Except for me.

I do pray for the couples who marry in front of me. I pray their lives together are long and happy. I pray they bring beautiful, loving children into the world (if they want children). I pray they are able to argue with respect for each other and still put their marriage before their differences. I pray they remember the happiness of their wedding day and that their love for each grows with each passing year. But I don't do it when I'm told to. I never have been one for following orders.

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