Friday, August 5, 2011

They searched for what?! {New Braunfels Photography}

I don't know if I've ever mentioned a little friend of mine named "Statcounter." If you have a blog or a website you may be familiar with this little gem of a service. With Statcounter, I can monitor who (by their IP address) comes to my site and to my blog and where they came from. I don't see names of clients, but I can see trends in surfing and get an idea of what it is people are looking for when they find me. It's a big help to me and I love to go there every day to see who's searching for me and what they see. I celebrated when my Statcounter told me I'd hit a million page views a few months ago. Wow.

But Statcounter does more than provide me with valuable information to use in marketing, it provides me with a few belly laughs to see the kind of things people search for on Google only to come across my site in the process.

Today I'll share a view with you. Today in Bristol, PA, someone searched for "anniversary gifts for photographers" and found the blog Jayme wrote about his new anniversary gift from me. Someone in New Zealand searched for "boringest countries to visit" and came across my blog about my daughter and her complaints of the boringest summer ever. Someone in Seattle searched for "seniors who fall down" and got one of my senior portrait blogs -- go figure. Now why would they want to find photos of seniors falling down, that's just cruel! Another surfer in Bumpass, VA, Googled "best rooms for an eleven year old gurl" (misspelling left in there on purpose) and found my blog about cleaning my daughter's room. Someone in Toms River, NJ, searched for "falling down in wedding gown" and found one of my trash the dress blogs.

This is fun, someone in Canada searched for "working with aliens inside area 51" and found my Roswell vacation blog. That's just cool. Someone in Cleveland searched for "Lisa Butz history for plenty of fish" and found one of my vacation blogs. I don't even want to speculate on that one.

An Australian bloke Googled "she was probed by aliens" and once again found my Roswell blog. A Portland, OR, surfer looked for "be willing to get dirty" and of course found one of my trash the dress blogs. And finally someone from Florida Googled "how to say not my problem in Jamaican."

The problem with my Statcounter is that it only goes back 500 hits for me and I've enjoyed watching the Google searches for at least 3 years. There are times I try to speculate what they could possibly be thinking and whether my site helped them find what they were really looking for.

If you happen along this blog because you searched for any of the above phrases and feel insulted that I shared it with the world, I do apologize. But keep those searches coming!

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