Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How dry is it? So dry that... {New Braunfels photographer}

New Braunfels, Austin, San Antonio photography... so dry that trash, in the middle of an intersection at the top of a hill, is still there more than a year later. I've teased and joked about blogging about this piece of trash and I finally decided to just do it. It fascinates me. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a plastic lid to a reusable tub that appeared near the intersection of Loop 337 and Landa sometime around April, 2010 -- maybe sooner. That's just the point in time that I said, "Hey, there's a piece of trash in the middle of the road that's been there a while," although my powers of observation are lacking so it very well may have been there before.

I've taken note of this lost and lonely lid through two summers of swim team and an entire year of Girl Scouts-- it's on the way to the pool and the Girl Scout house so I've passed it multiple times per day for many many months -- going on years. The sad thing about this piece of trash (other than the fact that it ended up in the middle of the road as opposed to a recycling bin where it belongs) is that it would take just a little rain to wash it down from the top of the hill where it sits, into a drainage culvert and off to sea. No such rain has come in the 18 + months it's sat there. By now, it's nearly ground down to a thin layer of dust -- broken down by heat and traffic. I imagine it would crumble to the touch if I were to try to pick it up. It's entirely too dangerous to attempt to cross the busy street to get it myself, though.

It wouldn't take much rain to wash it away at this point. Just a little stream of water. Is that really too much to ask? By the looks of my lawn and the dead and dying trees that surround our community. I guess so.

Lisa On Location Photography

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