Monday, June 21, 2010

The older I get...

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the faster time seems to fly by. For my 9-year-old daughter the summer days are filled with endless hours of "I'm hungry, I'm bored, there's nothing to do." For me the summer days are practically non existent. I wake up, I work, I drudge, I shoot, I process, I blog (sometimes I do I swear it!), and then I drag myself to bed wondering how I squandered my day. Meanwhile my daughter is sitting in bed asking me "when are we going to DO something?"

So Disneyworld wasn't enough I guess. It's "what have you done for me lately?" Fortunately I have more fun up my sleeve. A conference! Yes, it's work for me. I will spend this weekend rounding up business and shooting at the La Leche League Are Conference in Austin. But to my daughter, it'll be a fun-filled weekend of hotel swimming, family sessions with playdoh and dancing, a play room full of kids and toys and free shampoo courtesy of the Marriott. And I honestly don't know what the joy is in a free shower cap, but the child acts like it's Christmas morning when she finds one. So tonight when I lay down with her for a minute to say good night and she asks me as she has every single night in recorded history 'what are our plans for this weekend" I will tell her about the conference and all its hotel goodness.

The past weekend brought fun in the form of a swim meet for my older daughter who is due to sprout gills at any time now judging by the amount of time she spends in the water. I shot this image on Saturday because the coach suggested I shake things up a bit with the group shot. Every year we shoot the same formal posed team shot on the bleachers. We did that as well, and then I told them to jump on in and we tried this one. The water is quite deep here so most of these kids had to tread water for about 5 minutes while we did our best to organize them. I like it. It says to me organized chaos. It's fun.

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