Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hurricane Ike leaves Galveston destroyed

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As I mentioned in my last blog, we took a trip over to Galveston to check out what was left. I wanted to post a snapshot of the tree situation. Many of the streets of the island are lined with old oak trees. At this time last year this was a shady, enchanting street with charming old Victorian houses and lots and lots of oak trees. Now it's just a street with a bunch of dead trees. This scene is pretty much repeated all over the island. Some of the palm trees survived -- but not all.

There were a lot more surviving homes than I expected and I was happy to see so much new construction going on. But the number of for sale signs was outrageous and it was obvious that there were many business and homeowners giving up on the island and leaving.

I have a bridal photo session scheduled on the island in a couple of week and, fortunately, I found some nice beach areas to do the shoot. I'll post those when I get them!

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