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Want to Know the Top 10 Photographers in New Braunfels? Ask a Photographer {New Braunfels Wedding Photographer}

The other day I was notified that I made a top 10 wedding photographers in New Braunfels list. I was excited at first! Here's a link to that list.

They got it right on some of the photographers, but a lot of them are not New Braunfels photographers and some of them are photographers who I've never heard of before. I know photographers come and go, but I've been shooting weddings in New Braunfels for 9 years and I know or at least know of pretty much all of the other wedding photographers who do a significant amount of weddings here.

I go to all the area open houses and bridal shows. I talk to all the vendors. We compare notes. We watch, we listen and we know who's out there and some of these on their list are not really shooting much here.

So I decided that the best way to find out who the top 10 wedding photographers in New Braunfels is was to ask an actual wedding photographer -- me.

So I put together my own list of the top 10.

First I want to point out a few guidelines. Number one, they have to be IN New Braunfels or at least really close. A couple are actually just on the border of New Braunfels and Shertz/Cibolo but I thought that was pretty darn close.

There are a lot of amazing San Antonio photographers who shoot here from time to time too (shout out to Dane, Teresa, Aimee and Derek, etc) just as I and these other New Braunfels photographers often shoot in San Antonio too, but for the purpose of this list I wanted just New Braunfels photographers.

Second is they have to be a wedding photographer. There are some amazing photographers in New Braunfels who aren't on my list because they don't shoot a lot of weddings.

Once I narrow it down to just that field, the most important criteria to get on my list is longevity or experience. All these photographers have been here a while. I'm talking multiple great years. They've got a lot of weddings under their belt.

The next most important thing to make the list is client reviews and other vendor recommendations. These photographers have proven themselves to be reliable and trustworthy.

The final criteria I looked at is involvement with other photographers and photography organizations like the Professional Photographers of America, Texas PPA, and the local guild or other photography groups. That's a good sign that they're serious about their field, about bettering their art, continuing their photography education and about sharing information with other professionals.

Okay first and foremost on my list is, of course, me. I know I'm biased but I don't like to toot my own horn. But I have been around the block a few times. I'm approaching about 300 weddings, most of which have happened right here or near here. I've traveled to Chicago, Grand Cayman, Dallas, Houston and the Dominican Republic to shoot weddings but the big bulk of them are within a couple of hours of New Braunfels. I have an excellent record of online reviews and have been active in PPA and TPPA for many years. I put a lot of time and attention into bettering my art and I deserve to my on my own list. So there!

The next photographer on my list has to be Straughan Photography. Chrystina Straughan has actually been at it (weddings) longer than me by a couple of years and I've watched her work get more and more beautiful by leaps and bounds over the years. I've worked with her before and love spending time with her. She's one of the funnest and funniest people you'll ever meet. I always recommend her to brides who contact me for a date that I'm already booked.

Third on my list is Sun Gold Photography. Damian and Paula are some of the nicest people you'll find and I also recommend them to brides along with Chrystina. Before moving to New Braunfels a few years ago they had a successful career shooting weddings in Jamaica for many years. Their work is jaw-dropping gorgeous and they're so fun to be around.

The rest of the photographers on my list are in no particular order. They're all great people with successful businesses and do an amazing job on any wedding they work. I've watched their work and have learned from them and spent time with most of them.

Joshua Michael Photography. Hi Josh!

Griffith Photography. Danielle is outgoing and friendly and loves weddings with all her heart.

Griffin Photography. Very similar in name to Griffith, I know, but they are two very distinct companies and styles. Love you Sarah!

Shy Laurel Photography. Gorgeous work and sweet lady.

Anne Marie Photography. These ladies were some of my inspiration early on in my career.

Pine and Blossom Photography. I have not met her but she has a nice portfolio, good reviews, and keeps pretty busy.

That's actually just 9. My bad. I had to take one off because she moved to Spring Branch and I debated leaving her on, but in the end I had to stay true to my rule. New Braunfels photographers only.

What do you think? Did I miss anyone? Leave a comment!

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