Friday, October 20, 2017

Texas Portrait Project Seeking Families Hurt by Hurrican Harvey {New Braunfels and San Antonio Portrait Photography}

A few weeks ago I hit the road with a couple of my best friends in the photo industry to tour some of the hurricane-ravaged communities of the Texas Gulf Coast.

Dayna from Stella Haus Films as well as Chrystina Straughan from Straughan Photography accompanied me on the road trip, which took us to Rockport/Fulton, Port Aransas and then into Corpus Christi.

The three of us along with Danielle from Griffith Photography and Tammy from Ata Girl Photography were moved to do something to help the people who were hurt by Harvey. We agreed that we don't have the skills to help with rebuilding their homes but we do have some skill in rebuilding their portrait library.

The devastation we saw was too massive to compile into one blog. It was hard to know where to point the camera because it was literally everywhere. We were hard pressed to find a single building in the towns of Rockport and Port Aransas that looked untouched by damage -- often major damage. Here are just a few examples.

The purpose of our trip was to talk to local members of the community and find a location with a lovely backdrop to set up our portraits. We loved the Rockport Beach Park and chose some of the dune bridges as a nice spot.

We also used the opportunity to make some promotional videos and photograph each other for the website.

Here is a short film Dayna put together.

Dayna has done an amazing job of documenting the work we're trying to do for this project.

What we need from you is help reaching the people who would like to receiver our gift. If you know someone who was touched by the hurricane. Either through damage on their property or perhaps they were displaced by the hurricane and forced to leave the coast altogether and move, we'd like to hear from you.

There's a link on our page to nominate a deserving family. Please click here.

The day was also spent having a good time with friends as we put this project together. It was a blast hanging out with you ladies!

We'd love to hear from you if you have any talents or services of your own to offer. Watch this space in the coming weeks for updates about the proeject.

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