Friday, September 8, 2017

Pin-up Parties are All the Rage: The Best Time of Your Life That You May Have Never Heard Of! {New Braunfels Pinup Photography}

When people ask me what my favorite kind of session to shoot is I don't hesitate. "Pin-up!" I usually reply very excitedly. And the best way to shoot a pin-up is during a party. I've been shooting pin-up parties for several years but suddenly I'm getting calls from people bewildered and amazed because they'd never heard of it before. Like it's some kind of magical fun thing that everyone should know about.

Perhaps I've been a bit slow in getting the word out about it. I did enlist my friends at San Antonio Weddings magazine to write an article and that's helped spread the word. But the best way to tell others about this amazing phenomenon is to talk about it.

Let's talk about the pin-up party from start to finish. It starts with one lady. One very generous, party-loving lady who has this idea for throwing a party that will bring all her best friends together for one afternoon or evening to sip wine, listen to classic swing and rock and roll, get their hair and makeup done, play dress up and have a blast pretending to be pinup girls. Just for one day.

That lady then calls me and I take it from there. I invite her into the studio where she gets a sample of the atmosphere I create. She hears the Andrews Sisters playing overhead, she browses through my large collection of pinup and retro clothes, she flips through my large collection of classic pin-up books from some of the greatest artists ever to live -- Gil Elvgren, Petty, Vargas, etc. Then she sets the date and starts to round up her besties.

It's really that simple.

On the day of the party the girls arrive with their food and wine and set up a spread. They can bring some of their own clothes or depend solely on my collection. They take turns sitting in the stylist's chair. They sip their wine or their soda, they gossip or talk about their kids (or lovers). They giggle, they try on the clothes, they crack jokes, they laugh, they sip more wine.

Once her hair and makeup is done each lady will then take a turn in front of the camera. It's not hard. I will teach them everything they need to do. They don't have to think at all. Just go with it, laugh some more, sip some more wine, make some more jokes and try to keep from letting out the belly laughs while the camera is clicking (that can be hard sometimes).

Time flies during a pin-up party and sometimes many hours can pass and it feels like just a few minute.

When the ladies leave, they still have their hair and makeup done up pretty and they feel like a million bucks. And it's not just the wine. It's the constant laughing and the realization that they look and feel pretty damn hot without even trying.

I hear phrases like "thank you so much for making me feel so pretty," and "I've never had so much fun," and "I'm coming back with more friends."

A couple of weeks later the guests will get to relive the experience with they get their images. Each lady will receive 3 5X7 prints and the option to see all of their images and purchase more. They make great Christmas, anniversary, and wedding gifts for significant others. But you don't even need a significant other because this can be all for you too.

For more information, click on my Secrets by Miss Lisa page. Specifically, the Pin-up section.

Most of my party guests will keep their images private, and I don't blame the! But a few have agreed to let me share. So here are a few snippets from my pin-up parties, including some behind the scenes peeks!

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  1. Oh what fun! This is a great idea for all ladies to have a "Ladies night out with a Pin Up Party" Love this <3