Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Magical New Year's Eve {San Antonio Wedding Photography}

I love photographing weddings on New Year's Eve. These weddings seem a little more celebratory than most. Maybe it's because weddings in themselves are cause for celebration. And New Year's Eve is also cause for celebration, so when you put them together you have one big party.

Michelle and Jeff's wedding was no exception. There was of course, cake, champagne and lots of food, like at all weddings. But this one also had fireworks, s'mores, a live band and firepits and the clock was ticking until midnight. It was a party!

There were some challenges for this wedding for sure. For starters it was totally after dark, start to finish. I'm no stranger to shooting in the dark so that didn't faze me. Another challenge was the fireworks. They went off throughout the evening and I tried my best to capture that environment. The smoke was in the airm sparklers were abound and there was plenty of excitement. I was also alone on this wedding when I would have loved to have a second to help me with the challenges. It would have also been fun to get multiple angles of some key moments. But I did okay in spite of it all.

Here are a few sneaks of that evening.

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