Friday, August 26, 2016

We Were a Part of it -- New York, New York -- But Just for a Week

I've been to almost every state in the U.S. I pride myself for being so well traveled around our country. But one area I've always been sorely lacking in my travels has been the upper northeast. So when my dear friend from high school suggested we meet in New York for a fun girls vacation, I jumped on board.

My girls were excited to come too and since I'm such a nice mom, I said "okay."

The things that struck me the most about New York City were the crowds and the smell. At any given moment you could smell garbage, urine, cigarettes (or weed), body odor, car exhaust and poop.

It was also smaller -- mileagewise -- than I imagined. We could walk across Manhattan with no problem. We're accustomed to large, sprawling cities like Houston and Dallas. Cities that go on and on. But what they lacked in miles they made up for in population. New York goes up into the sky to fit all it's people in.

I also have to say that I loved the subway system. You hear some horror stories from the subway but what I saw were all walks of life using the mass transit. I saw business people, families, teenagers, and some scary people as well. But I was so impressed with the way we could get anywhere without fighting traffic and dealing with parking. I loved that part of it.

We didn't have much time in the city so we tried to see as much as possible. We even fit in a trip to Coney Island.

Here are a few images from our trip I wanted to share:

Lisa On Location Photography

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