Saturday, July 16, 2016

Another Bastrop area beauty {Bastrop Wedding Photography}

Most of you know I was raised in Bastrop. So any time I get to return to the area to shoot a wedding it always makes me nostalgic.

Right about now I'm photographing Destiny and Nick's wedding at Sacred Heart Church in Rockne. I got to know this couple during their engagements and bridals a few weeks ago. They are about the nicest, most polite people I've ever photographed so it's a pleasure to be able to capture this special time for them.

I'll share some photos from their wedding later. I'm sure I'll run into a lot of my former Bastrop area brides and that always makes me smile -- especially when they have a new little addition to their families.

Bur for now, take a peek at their engagements and bridals.

Lisa On Location Photography

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  1. These are exquisite! Their love, and your respect for the area are very clear.