Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What I did for Spring Break {New Braunfels Senior Photos}

I've heard it a lot the past few days, "what did you do for spring break?"

I've heard lovely tales of trips and have seen some fun photos on Facebook of all the family vacations and cool stuff that happened last week while schools were out for spring break.

I did some pretty cool stuff too last week. I didn't go anywhere far away or climb any mountains (at least not many). But I did some pretty cool sessions.

It was a week of many seniors. It was also a week of three weddings, three engagements and a couple of bridals. So yeah I worked.

No school means that everyone who's a student has some free time to know out those sessions they need.

I can't share the bridals just yet. Those are saved for after the wedding. And I'll save the engagements for another blog. But I want to share some of my favorites from those seniors for now.

Hope your spring break was as fun as mine!

Lisa On Location Photography

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