Friday, January 22, 2016

Intro to Digital Photography Class Now Forming in New Braunfels {New Braunfels Photography Class}

When I first started offering the Introduction to Digital Photography class through New Braunfels ISD I really didn't know what I was getting into. I put together a syllabus featuring some aspects of photography that I wish someone had simplified for me. I added a little exposure lesson, a little composition, a little lighting, a little printing and a little Photoshop.

Each one of those sections is deserving of an entire year-long college course. And I was attempting to teach them in hour-long segments over a 5-week course. It didn't take long to realize that I just don't have enough time to teach everything. I still have about the same layout as I did way back then. But instead of trying to teach too much, I just scratch the surface. I tell my students enough to get them started and send them on their way with homework.

Most of them come back week after week to show me what they photographed and tell me what they learned. We share their images with each other and talk about what makes them great and what would make them better.

This semester will make the 32nd class to teach in six years. Each semester I've held at least one intro course (sometimes it fills up and we add a second and once we even added a third) and in the spring I add a more advanced photo safari class for those students who took the first class and want to continue on.
Hundreds of students have gone through the course and gone out in the community to pursue their hobby. At least a couple have gone on to continue their photo education and become pros.

This semester's intro class begins on Thursday February 4 at 6:30 and continues for 5 weeks on the same night. The advanced photo safari class is open to students who have taken that intro class. This is the fun stuff when we go out on location to different spots to practice what we've learned in the first class. In the past we've gone on walk abouts in New Braunfels, photographed action shots at the skate park, brought studio lights in to practice indoor lighting, and we've met at night on the square to try practice night photography.

To sign up for the courses you can visit the New Braunfels ISD community education website or call their office at (830) 643-5729.

Lisa On Location Photography

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  1. Lisa, is this just for folks in New Braunfels or could Seguinites take this class?