Monday, September 15, 2014

Please Buy My House. Pretty Please.

I have run out of room in the homestead. That's the conclusion that I've drawn. I thought getting a studio would help. And it has. I've emptied a lot of crap out of my house and have filled my studio. But I've been called a chair hoarder and a camera hoarder and a lens hoarder, and basically a hoarder of cool stuff. And I've reached the point where I no longer have a place to go with all my cool stuff. So I'm upgrading.

I love my wood laminate floors that are so tough they stand up to my butter fingers and tendency to drop heavy objects. They just don't dent or scratch at all. I love my brand new energy efficient roof and the way it cuts down on our utility bills. I love all the little fixtures that I picked out. The built in shelves in the hallway upstairs and the library that Jayme painstakingly crafted in his office.

I love my house. I love every inch of it. I even love the handprints on the wall of the back patio that my son made when he finger painted outside. That stuff ain't washable after it dries on the wall, FYI. Who knew? I love the tick marks we've hidden in the hall closet that have documented every inch of growth my children have made.

I love the ducky stencils that I put along the wall in the "Ducky Bathroom" as we refer to it.

I love the house and all its perfect imperfections. My wish is that I had this house on about an acre or two of land so I could add onto it and spread out a bit more. But, alas, it's in a subdivision and since the HOA would frown upon us buying the house next door and connecting them together, we need to move.

This house was perfect for us in 2003 when we bought it. We had two small girls with their Barbie dolls and Little Ponies. They didn't need much space. Those girls are teenagers now and we added a Boychild to the family in 2006.

Teenagers take up space with their size 9 shoes and their musical instruments and piles and piles of books and so do 8-year-old boys with their baseball gear and remote controlled robots.

So it's with a heavy heart that I write this blog begging you to buy my house. We found another one that's perfect for us (it has plenty of perfect imperfections as well), but unfortunately we need to sell this one before we can move forward with the purchase of that one. So tell your friends. Share with your families. This house is a steal for some family who will appreciate its perks and accept its flaws for the character that they are.

The complete listing can be found here.

And here's the listing: Click here.

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