Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What I did on my Texas School Vacation {New Braunfels Photography}

Once a year I like to take a drive up to Dallas to participate in the bestest darn photography education in the world. The Texas School of Professional Photography is a week-long school/workshop/convention/tradeshow for professional photographers.

Each year I choose a class, but I have to be quick because some of them fill up fast, and I spend a week with some of the most amazing photographers in the world. Two years ago I was honored to learn some new wedding lighting techniques from Robert and Leslie Faust that I still use at every single wedding I photograph. Last year I sat in Robert Seat's class to learn some Photoshop techniques that helped me perfect my pin-up photography.

Each year I meet more and more fellow photographers and become more and more enriched in the culture of professional photography. I tell my friends I have a love/hate relationship with the school. I hate the drive to Dallas (and don't much care for the city itself), I hate being away from my family for a week, and I hate being away from my workload for a week. But I can't justify not going because I love what I learn. I love coming back with all this new information and then watching it take root in my own business and making me a better photographer and business woman.

This year I took a boudoir photography class with Kay Eskridge. She's a master photographer in Phoenix and she had so much information to share. We had a small class of 15 people and we had the Presidential Suite of the Hotel Intercontinental to ourselves all week. We had boudoir models coming into the suite daily to pose for us as Kay walked us through every detail of running a boudoir photography business. I got valuable feedback on my past boudoir work and a clear direction of where I'm going.

I'm excited share some of the new techniques and business practices I'll be implementing soon. In the meantime, take a look at some of the images I captured with our beautiful models in the class as well as some of the fun I had with my fellow photography friends during the evening parties.

Lisa On Location Photography

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