Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jacque and Colby are Officially the Most Fun Couple Ever {New Braunfels Wedding Photography}

Most of you know how much I love weddings. I get excited when I talk about them and compare notes with brides and exchange photos from other weddings. I can sit with some of my brides for hours and talk about centerpieces, food, portrait ideas, great dresses, not-so-great dresses, and our favorite wedding vendors. I love seeing all the creativity and sharing what worked for one of my brides with other brides who may benefit from that experience.

In that respect, I'll be talking about Jacque and Colby's wedding for a long time. Jacque is the oldest of six kids. Yes, six kids. She's going to make a great mom someday if she chooses to be one because she was great with her younger siblings. Everything about this wedding was kid friendly, home-made, and fun.

I first met Jacque at an open house at Boulder Springs. She had seen my work previously and was ready to talk to me about her wedding. She let me know she was on a tight budget and that was fine with me. I liked her instantly. She was charming and sweet and likeable in every way. She was also very clear on what she liked and didn't like. She liked fun. She liked happy. What a coincidence, I like fun and happy too!

When I arrived at Boulder Springs to photograph this wedding it was clear from the moment I walked in the door that this wedding was not like most weddings. There were children running everywhere. Grown-ups and children alike were all over the floor preparing decorations, working together, having a good time. It was an hour before the ceremony and nobody was fussing at anyone. There was no stress. There was no drama. There was only excitement, joy, and happy anticipation.

When I found Jacque, she was walking around in a colorful skirt, smiling, relaxed and extremely calm. So un-bridelike. I checked my clock. Did I arrive too early? Nope, it's an hour until showtime. My usual arrival time. Where's the stress? It never did show up.

Jacque and her best friend and fiance turned husband, Colby, were the calmest, happiest, most fun couple I could have hoped for. They included their family in the marriage ceremony, they read their own vows -- some of the most pure and heartfelt words I'd ever heard.

The reception was low budget but you'd never know it by looking around. I didn't realize it at first but once I started studying the centerpieces, I noticed they were random food containers painted solid white. There were spaghetti sauce jars, mayonnaise jars, ranch dressing bottles, ketchup bottles -- all painted solid white -- with colorful flowers in orange, red and yellow, stuck in. Very low budget, yet stunning.

The cake was a simple white frosted cake with the same flowers decorating the top. 2Tarts did a fantastic job with it. The dessert table also hosted pies and cookies baked by the family themselves. Almost everything at this wedding was home-made by the family.

The evening was beautiful and the temperature was perfect outside and it's a good thing too because the kids had football to play, and croquette, bean bag toss, bubbles, play doh, glow sticks, coloring and chalk as well. When it got too dark to stay outside, the guests came in for some table games including "guess what this means," in which a hint about Colby and Jacque's relationship was at their table and guests had to make up a story about the hint. Stories ranged from "Night at the Museum," scenarios to scary hobo tales. My favorite was the Star Trek story. They thought there'd be a long line at the IMax on opening day so they arrived six hours early for the show to find that they were the only ones who wanted to see it. I'm sure it was a lovely six hours. The evening included a slide show as well as a flash mob by the wedding party and family. There was a Photo Booth with funny hats and glasses, crossword puzzles about the couple, and souvenir Frisbees passed out to all the guests.

I felt so honored to be included in this wedding celebration. Everything about the celebration and these people was inviting and made me really feel like part of the family. Thanks for having me over to play Jacque and Colby!
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  1. Thanks so much for taking such beautiful pictures of my son and his new wife! You did a great job of capturing the true spirit of each aspect of the event!!