Monday, June 13, 2011

It's About Dam Time! Lisa lets loose with the profanity! {New Braunfels photographer}

Hoover Dam statue New Braunfels photographyIt's about time I wrote this dam blog. While vacationing in Las Vegas last week we had to make the short detour to Hoover Dam. I hadn't been down this particular stretch of road since about 1992 so I was shocked at the dam changes. Back then, we pulled into a little parking area that held about a dozen cars, we got out, took our dam photos, then got back in and drove over the dam and were on our merry way.

What a difference a couple of decades makes. Turns out Hoover Dam is a much bigger dam deal now! We had our car inspected for explosives before being allowed near the dam. We paid $7 for a dam parking space in the dam parking garage, dammit. Ate our dam sandwiches and drank our dam sodas, bought our dam souvenir spoon then headed to the dam visitor center to see about a dam tour. At $30 a person for the dam tour we decided to say "hell no" and instead go up to the top and look at the dam statues and check out the dam view.

My oldest daughter was excited about the visit to Hoover Dam because Percy Jackson visits it in one of his books and the dam statues come to life and fly the heroes away from evil zombies chasing them through the dam. We visited the spot where the gang ate their burritos and started a dam food fight. Saw the water where the opheotaurus called up to Percy. Pretty dam cool, if you ask me.

Hoover Dam, Colorado River, New Braunfels photographerI'd say the most exciting thing about the dam was rubbing the toes of the dam statues for luck. I also liked the dam bathrooms on the dam. They were retro enough to capture my attention. The men's room was in Nevada and the women's room was in Arizona.

The whole time we were at the dam, we took the opportunity to insert the word dam into our sentences as often as possible. My daughter enjoyed it a little too dam much if you ask me. She was given the green light to use profanity and she took advantage. "I'm taking a dam video mom," she'd say. "I need some dam water from the dam fountain, mom... Somebody spilled their dam soda all over the dam sidewalk... Can I have some dam ice cream from the dam snack bar"... you get the idea.

So after walking across the dam and back, we opted to head back to the dam car and move on. It was fun for a while, but it was getting pretty dam hot. We still had a lot of vacation touring to do. Next up on our list was London Bridge.

Hoover Dam restroom stairwell art deco, New Braunfels photographer

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