Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kitten Season {New Braunfels Photography}

New Braunfels photography kittenDid you know there was a kitten season? Well there is. And that season is now. Cats like to breed frequently during the spring and summer so as a result there are kittens galore this time of year as opposed to December, which happens to be the time of year we tend to like to adopt and have a heck of a time finding kittens.

I'm a firm believer in spaying and neutering cats to control the overpopulation of animals. I've volunteered in shelters in the past and am always so heartbroken to see the kittens coming in on a daily basis -- most of them destined not for a happy home but for a short life in a cage. Sadly, it was often the same people who brought in entire litters of kittens year after year.

The cats in our home are fortunate to have the 9 lives that we provide each of them. Our cats tend to live for many years (with the rare exception of the unfortunate case of our lovely Holly). Many kittens are not so lucky.

Last weekend I paid a visit to a friend of mine who found herself with the unfortunate task of having a large number of kittens to find homes for. It's not easy. Sure, they're cute and most people love them when they're kittens. Kittens grow up to be cats, however, and if those cats are cared for properly, there's a big expense in veterinary care, cat litter, food, scratching posts, flea control and of course, spaying or neutering so you don't end up in that situation. If they're not cared for properly there's the potential for disease, rabies, fleas, malnutrition, coyote attack and of course the inevitable litter after litter of kittens, thus repeating the whole vicious cycle.

I had a hard time pulling my children away from their house when it was time to go. There were teardrops, and the kids cried too. I would love to shelter all the kittens of the world, but I know my limitations. And my darling husband's. But if you know of someone looking for a kitten for which to provide an everlasting home with all the responsibilities to go with it. I know some who'd be happy to go home with you.
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