Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You say it's your birthday dadadadadada, It's my birthday too!

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So today is my birthday. Usually a wonderful, joyous moment, when I was a kid. Today it seems like just another day. I'm a year older now. This also marks an important birthday for me. I am now 38. I remember when my mom turned 38. I remember the cake my dad baked for her and the big 38 drawn in icing on top of the cake. She wasn't very happy to see that and I couldn't understand why at the time. Today she looks at the photographs and says "I was so young then, I had no reason to be down." So when my darling husband lit up 38 candles that seemed to swallow up that little round cake and asked me to make a wish I had no problem with it. The wish -- why for another 38 years as glorious and happy as the first, of course!

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